Birth Name: Archibald Alexander Leach
Born: January 18, 1904, Bristol, England
Died: November 29, 1986, Davenport, IA:

Suave Leading Man

ary Grant was not always the suave cool sophisticate we think of him as. Starting in a successful comedy troupe in England at 14 he sailed to America and in 1920 decided to stay after a 5 year tour. After jobs as a placard carrier and a Society Escort, Cary starred in a ten minute short Singapore Sue and shortly thereafter did a screen test for Paramount and his film career began. Cary never one an Academy Award but his film career non the less it was a full and entertaining one. He was handsome and talented, adored by both sexes and is missed by many.
He had an adoring quality of playing the straight man finding himself in ridiculous situations in such comedies as Bringing up Baby, The Philadelphia Story and Arsenic and Old Lace and was even the object of Mae West's advances in I'm No Angel. In the 1960's Cary turned to more dramatic roles and appeared in such films as Hitchcocks North by Northwest

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